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To Our 2018 Summer Music Campers and Families,

Welcome to the online submission site for your supplemental camp forms.  THE LOG-IN ON THIS SITE IS NOT CONNECTED TO YOUR CAMP REGISTRATION.   If this is the first time you are attending one of our camps then you will need to CREATE AN ACCOUNT.    If you attended camp last year then it is likely that you already have a log in for this site.  If you think you have an account but can not log in, then please contact us at 850-644-9934 so that we may assist you.

If you do not wish to submit these forms online and prefer to do your forms via U.S. mail you can certainly do so.  Click here to go to our camp web page which contains PDF versions of all of our forms.

Log onto this site so that you can submit your Supplemental Camp Forms and documents including: 

  • Financial Responsibility Form (must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian)
  • Statement of Voluntary Consent Form (must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian)
  • Medical Information Form (must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian)
  • A copy of your medical insurance card (for those with insurance)
  • Class Preferences (electives, small ensembles, and other class preferences where applicable)
  • Sign-out Permissions
  • Roommate Requests
  • Special Services Requests (internet for coursework, late arrivals, early departures, etc...)

There are some services which you cannot request online because they require payment.  You can download the form here or from our website, but the form(s) and payment will need to be returned in the mail:

If you have questions during this process please feel free to contact us at 850-644-9934 or